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  • Ever wished to experience the various elements and roles in theatre?

  • Would you like to learn how to produce and create theatre?

  • Want to be an all-rounded Theatre Creative?

  • Do you wish to work with a company of like-minded creatives?


Contemporary Theatre Making (The Creative Lab) is designed to help you:

  1. Develop the basic skills required for a creative and to integrate skills into different styles and genres and production scenarios and responsibilities;

  2. Apply the principles of being a creative to different projects, styles, settings;

  3. Develop a critical and reflective approach to artistry and creativity;

  4. Become familiar with the different roles of theatre, production practices, texts and their context within theatre history both past and contemporary.

Age: 17+

  • Want to brush up on your acting skills?

  • Drama school auditions to prepare for?

  • Would you like to discover a variety of acting techniques?

  • Are you looking for actor training and professional development?

The Acting Programme is designed to help you: 

  1. Develop the basic skills and techniques required by an actor and understand how to integrate these skills into different contexts;

  2. Apply the principles of acting across different texts, styles and genres;

  3. Develop a critical and reflective approach to artistry;

  4. Become familiar with basic script analysis, character building, pair works and monologue techniques;

  5. Become familiar with different theatre texts and their context within theatre history.


Age: 17+


A programme tailored to suit your needs!


  1. The programme empowers you to apply skills from acting to voice, text work to creative ideas and development, catering to your needs, led by a mentor assigned for the year.

  2. Members may also prepare to sit for Trinity examinations at advanced level and diploma level in acting, musical theatre and public speaking. The Studio holds a 100% pass rate in all subject areas, with a 90% distinction rate.

Age: 17+

Assessed Pathway.jpg

Members on general programmes (i.e. all except the Musical Theatre Courses) may choose to follow the assessed pathway, wherein they are:

  • Provided with constant feedback and areas for growth.

  • Empowered to reflect, self-assess and set goals.

  • Guided to develop critical thinking skills.

  • Given the opportunity to explore an area of theatre that interests them.

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