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We work with industry experts to make sure we’re cracking all the best practices, and ensure we’re giving our staff and members the absolute best.


Active Citizenship is one of our
favourite values.


This is why in all we do we try to instil an element of sustainability.


When we were awarded Arts Council Malta’s Arts Education Fund, we therefore chose to improve all facets that make up the Studio operations, namely the three areas of sustainability: Learning and Teaching, Wellness and Safety, as well as the Economic aspect.


By collaborating with local practitioners, we focused on improving several strategic priorities we were working on over 2021 and 2022.

These included:

  • Our Learning and Teaching Design & Strategy

  • Internal Communication

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Health and Safety

  • Well-being, and

  • Economic Sustainability.


We’ve worked with industry experts to make sure we’re cracking all the best practices, and ensure we’re giving our staff and members the absolute best. Here’s a few of the activities we invested in:


For our learners, we engaged Learning360 to provide us with practical recommendations to make our recruitment and onboarding processes ever more accessible, as well as holding a course on Creating a Wellness Culture for Students with Lync Co-op. Further to this, we’ve carried out a Health & Safety review and consultation with Tuning Fork Advisory.


For our staff, we worked with Lync Co-op on Mental Health First Aid courses and Emotional Resilience training, as well as acquiring coaching for physical and vocal awareness.


All in all, we’ve learnt a lot and made sure that all the research carried out is being fed back into our learners and staff, making Studio 18 your Home for Theatre Training.



At Studio 18, we adopt a holistic approach to learning which seeks to promote our staff and members' physical, mental, and social wellness. Underpinning this rationale are the 9 dimensions of wellness, which Studio 18 embeds in its culture, values, and learning characteristics.


These are:


  • Social Wellness

  • Creative Wellness

  • Financial Wellness

  • Occupational Wellness

  • Intellectual Wellness

  • Physical Wellness

  • Emotional Wellness

  • Environmental Wellness

  • Spiritual Wellness


Studio 18 is committed to safeguarding the environment by reducing any negative impact brought about by its operations.
Studio 18 strives to instil a positive sustainability-conscious culture by providing awareness, training, as well equipping its members with relevant resources.

Studio 18 shall strive towards continuous improvement in its carbon footprint by referring to international good practices, literature, and collaborating with other entities who work towards the wellbeing of the community and natural environment. Consultation with Studio 18's Environmental Sustainability Representatives is an integral part of this process.

Through this Environmental Policy, (and most importantly by acting upon it!) Studio 18 endeavours to set an example and encourage others to follow suit.

Studio 18 shall work towards employing sustainable approaches throughout its operations, within these areas:

1. Administration 

2. Learning Programmes 

3. Learning, Rehearsal & Performance Spaces 

4. Productions 

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