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Our FLAGSHIP projects through the years.

10 Years. 10 Milestones. 


In July 2013, Studio 18 launches its first set of workshops for young people, facilitated by UK performer-practitioner Rebecca Brewer.


The company lands its first commission for theatre for young audiences in December 2013 - Spazju Kreattiv (then St James Cavalier) entrusts Studio 18 with the development of 'The Brat and That!' This marks the beginning of a longstanding relationship with Spazju Kreattiv. Consequently, the Studio moves on to develop new theatre in collaboration with numerous partners, including Teatru Malta, ZiguZajg, Esplora, the MPO, Agenzija Zaghzagh, The New Victorians, Valletta 2018, Teatru Aurora, Teatru Astra, ACM, and Danusan. Most notably, ‘Inez Kienet Perf(etta)’ sees two translations, four countries, and has been developed into an online mini-series.


In January 2017, the Studio engages in a two-year period of professional development supported by a consultant for theatre and training Paul Edwards. During this time, both the Studio Team and learners engage in conversation and training with a number of international organisations including The Southwark Playhouse, the Guildford School of Acting, The Barn Theatre UK, Het Filiaal, Gyre and Gimble, and Shakespeare in Italy.


In July 2019, Simone Spiteri and James Azzopardi Meli join the team as Director of Learning and Head of Sustainability, respectively. The creative team expands to a team of eight, also introducing a role for wellness and inclusion.


The Studio kicks off a two-year sustainability review in September 2020, supported by ACM Funding. During this period, Studio 18 relocates to its current home in Żebbug, and develops a sustainability plan with the support of Finesse, Learning360, Lync Coop and The Pro Clinic. Learning and leadership models are developed to cater for the Maltese cultural landscape. Studio 18 also launches the Mentorship Programme for Technical and Production Arts in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv.


 In, September 2013, the Studio takes up residency at The Box in Mosta - the space that would become its home for 8 years. During this time, Studio 18 collaborates with many artists based at The Box, working closely with Christina and Daniel Cauchi. During these years, the Studio introduces six theatre learning programmes


Studio 18 kicks off The Box Project in preparation for the European Capital of Culture in March 2015 - a creative learning project that develops into a 6-year partnership with Spazju Kreattiv and ŻiguŻajg, creating new works, internships, and opportunities for emerging theatre collectives Ħassle Mejjet and Just Another Collective.


In May 2018, Studio 18 develops a mini-festival for young creatives inspired by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Bridge Week and Carnegie Mellon’s Playground. This evolves into an annual appointment – from Scratch It night to the Fosdqa Festival to Page to Stage weekends.


As the pandemic brings new challenges and opportunities in March 2020, Studio 18 launches a series of initiatives to engage youth performers and audiences. Over two seasons, the Studio produces new works accessible to virtual audiences, an online community project, a mini-series, COVID- safe masterclasses and a drive-through holiday season performance


In, 2023 Studio 18 rolls out its 10-Year Anniversary Programme, including a school tour of the newly devised ‘Thirst Trap’, the premier of ‘Il-Giddieb Għomru Twil’, new courses in directing playwriting, and a Young Actors’ Showcase.

Other Projects

April 2014  

MYO Swings, Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Pjazzu Teatru Irjal


June 2015 

Workshops with UK's Monkey in the Middle, exploring the parameters of Parkinson’s disease in relation to movement and the nervous system


July 2015 

Once Upon a City workshop performance, in collaboration with Red Electrick                                                                   


November 2015

Il-Ħajja Xejn Cool ta' Teenager Jismu Julian, in collaboration with Teatru Aurora


2015 to 2018 

The Box Project - a creative learning project in collaboration with Valletta 2018 


Winter 2016 

Bużullotti - a Kreattiv Project in collaboration with Aġenzija Żgħażagħ     


Spring 2016-2019 

Muso Merlot


April 2016 

Teatru Astra's production of the musical Grease, with the participation of Studio 18


​August 2016 

Speranza, in collaboration with Danza C Company, Evenings on Campus 


October 2016

Pietru u l-Lupu - a performance for children based on Peter and the Wolf in collaboration with MPO

March 2017 

Teatru Astra's production of the musical Evita, with the participation of Studio 18

May 2017 

Tgħid lil Ħadd - an original play written by Simone Spiteri and commissioned by Teatru Aurora


August 2017 

Gotta Sing Gotta Dance - A musical revue celebrating the golden age of musical theatre, with choreography by the West End's Johnathan Tweedie

May 2018 

Scratch it . Pitch it . Work it - our very own open-mic/scratch night for creatives

July 2018

Exploring Anxiety Through Drama as a Medium - an exploration into different anxiety disorders and their symptoms through the medium of drama. Workshops led by including theatre practitioners Johnathan Tweedie and Kostas Papamatthaiakis

May 2020

Muso Merlot Online - Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we turned our Muso Merlot five-year anniversary into Malta's first virtual musical theatre concert over on our Facebook Page

June 2020

Fosdqa - A two-night event showcasing original work created by our Creative Lab and Actor Project members, all adapted to an online platform

July 2020

Muso Merlot: APS Summer Festival - Muso Merlot was featured as part of the APS Summer Festival, also featuring the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and Barbetti

Summer 2020

Masterclasses in Costume Design (Izzy Warrington), Directing (André Agius), and Playwriting (Simone Spiteri)

September 2020

ACM Lab on creating theatre for younger audiences. 

Inclusion for E-Learning in Perfoming Arts Training: Learning from Covid-19 and Disruption in Education - Report and Webinar

November 2020

Young Creatives.  

ŻiguŻajg - Ineż Kienet Perf(etta) miniseries

December 2020

Sh-Elf - A socially distanced performance at the Ta' Qali Christmas village drive thru

July 2021

Page to Stage. A series of plays put up by our members. Written by the Playwriting Programme, directed by the Creative Lab and performed by the Acting Programme

October 2021 

Launch of Spazju Kreattiv Mentorship Programme for Technical and Production Arts

November 2021

L-Aħħar Siġra in collaboration with ŻiguŻajg, Ħassle Mejjet Theatre Collective & Just Another Collective

December 2021

Opening Doors Workshops for International Day for People with Disabilities


May 2022

Fosdqa - A two-night event showcasing original work created by our Contemporary Theatre Making, The Acting Programme, and The Playwriting Programme members

July 2022 

Jimmy and the Apocalypse in collaboration with Esplora Malta  

August 2022

Publication of our "Sustainability Project' in collaboration with Arts Council Malta 

January 2023 

Thirst Trap Sixth Form Tour 

March 2023 

Il-Ġiddieb Għomru Twil, Spazju Kreattiv 

May 2023

Girl Will Be, Final Members Showcase 

July 2023

Launch of Project Phoenix

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