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A Cultural Ambassador Concluding Note

Dear all, 

Thank you for once again tuning into our newsletter - our last one as Studio 18's Cultural Ambassadors as we prepare to pass on the baton to Aidan Aquilina who will continue to further work and strengthen our outreach and community strands. 

It has been quite the year for the both of us, both individually and collectively. We were fortunate enough to carry on the duties of the Cultural Ambassador, started by Benjamin Abela and Brendon Thearle during Studio 18's collaboration with the 2018 Capital of Culture, whilst further refining the role and outlining its importance and relevance to the Studio. 

We feel honoured to have delivered the first edition of this newsletter, now in its 5th edition. As Cultural Ambassadors it was always part of our goal to enrich the commitment towards the local community and the arts scene. Our passion towards creative learning within Maltese youth has continued to grow. We have spent a year conducting research, interviews and developing outlines which we plan to put into practice in the near future. We believe that Arts Education is vital for today's youth and engages them with new 21st century skills in creative, practical, visual and tangible practices, whilst encouraging them to broaden their social circles and abilities.

During our period, we have also strengthened our bonds with the different wings of The Studio. From promoting the kings of Barbetti, tuning the notes of Muso Merlot, sharing our ideas at Studio18’s Scratch Night and organising social events.

There is so much we have learned from our collaborations and interactions, such as Trikki Trakki 2019, Opening Doors, ACMLAb sessions, among others. We cannot wait to keep learning and keep asking questions.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our collaborators, mentors and colleagues throughout this year. A special thank you goes to Jean-Marc Cafa, for trusting us with such a pivotal role within the Studio, for believing in us from the start; for always pushing us one step further, and for being a constant source of guidance.

Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.

Thank you for a great year. 

Denise Perini

Gab Mendez

Cultural Ambassadors 2019

Cultural Ambassadors 2019 - Denise Perini, Gab Mendez

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