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As per our usual Maltese summers, this summer brought its extensive heat and sun. Yet, Autumn has come knocking and, as the days get colder and shorter, the countdown to the darkest months of the year begins. It is a season of change; the transition from the hot summer heat to the cool dark winters. For some, it may be a confusing time now that classes recommence, traffic becomes worse, and the weather becomes temperamental. Each season brings with it changes that more often than not influence our wellbeing. 

Understanding why seasonal changes occur may help us to develop ways in which we can prevent these changes from impacting our said wellbeing. 

Autumn brings with it a change of air and unpredictable winds. Despite cleaner and cooler weather, the winds of change can make us feel more chaotic, worsening our nervous system and causing us to feel stressed. Moreover, inefficient indigestion occurs as a result of the mixture of excess toxins circulating in the body. Furthermore, anxiety and more erratic behaviour can often come to light. 

The seasonal change is always a good time for seasonal detoxification and cleaning. However, if you don’t feel up to a complete detox, perhaps you may consider some of the suggestions below.

Try to include some of these tips in your daily routine to combat the cool autumn environment: 

  • Get up early when the world is still quiet. 

  • Have a good cup of warm tea/coffee/milk/hot chocolate at the end of the day and settle down for an early evening. 

  • Take care of your physical wellbeing. This time can be the start of the cold and flu season so make sure you’re stocked up with honey and lozenges to relieve as much pain as possible. 

  • Connect with others. Make sure you have good relations with people at work, university and within your local community and at home. Spend time building new relationships and strengthen existing relationships. This will help and empower you every day. 

  • Give a friend or a stranger something nice. Say thank you to someone. 

  • Go for a beautiful walk in nature. 

  • Perform a task voluntarily, not because you have to. Join a public group for a good cause. Look around. Knowing yourself and your wellbeing through a wider community can be incredibly rewarding. Building links with the individuals around you can lead you to discover different paths that may change your future. 

  • Smile (you never know when you can trigger a chain reaction of it). 

The most important factor is that you allow time for your body and mind to transition to your new environment - give it time and encourage it. In moving towards this, you will be able to begin to re- charge your body and really feel ready for the season. Summer will come again and these months are our time to recharge.


Rebecca Attard Nicola Camilleri Wellbeing Team

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