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Summer Recap

We’ve all been enjoying our well needed summer breaks and frolics to our beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Here at the studio, our team has also had time to rest up (when they weren’t busy with meetings, reviewing the previous season and gearing up for the next).

Indeed, as we see an end to the summer months both our members and our team are ready to embark on a new year of adventures, setting off to: further studies, intern in various cultural sectors, and diving head into the upcoming season.

However, we did manage to celebrate the start of summer as a Studio 18 family during our annual Summer Bash. A well needed day by the pool in Zurrieq saw old, current, and new members come together to mingle and relax. Needless to say, our night ended with a classic dance around the pool, to a classic song nonetheless (Dancing Queen by Abba)

During the month of July, eight Studio members and our Creative Director Jean Marc Cafa’ flew to Italy for a week of workshops, volunteering, and sightseeing.

Deep within the heart of Florence, they immersed themselves in a two-day intensive Commedia dell’ Arte workshop led by renowned Commedia professor Ollie Crick. Working with intricate masks and archetypal characters within their country of origin was a fruitful challenge, and despite the intense heat our members managed to power through and gain insight on technicalities of mask works, and awareness of the body.

In between art museums, ice-cream, and the occasional Aperol Spritz, our members also spent a day with the Missionary nuns of St. Teresa, entertaining children ranging from ages six to twelve.

Studio 18 is committed towards encouraging social responsibility, active citizenship and an awareness of identity, diversity and legacy in each young person.

Through workshops prepared and conducted by our members, the children were given tools taught through artistic practises as they familiarised themselves with animal characters, storytelling, and sensory processes.

This was undeniably an experience for both our members and the children, and language barriers didn’t stop both parties from ending the day with a handful of songs and beaming smiles on their faces. All in all, Florence was a trip full of cultural learning, development, and obviously… food!

As September rolls in and we bid summer farewell, we cannot help but look back on this season with pride and hold our heads high for the next.

We look forward to challenges, opportunities and everything that lies in store for the upcoming season.

Until then, we once again thank everyone who continuously supports Studio 18 in one way or another.

See you soon!

Best wishes,

Denise Perini

Gabriela Mendez

Cultural Ambassadors 2018-2019

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