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Taking the Leap

…and just like that, we find ourselves at the start of a brand-new Studio 18 season. Although our (short) summer break was a well-needed one, we are beyond excited to be back in full swing for what promises to be another year of adventure and learning. 

As our Creative Director Jean-Marc Cafa’ aptly put it: 

From Studio’s partnership with the Barn to a re-shuffle of the team, from a revamp of Muso Merlot to an exciting season for the Barbetti, from a shake-up of Scratch Night to the development of the Young Creatives Programme – we [are now embarking] on what appears to be a wonderfully wacky ride!

And although Jean is currently making waves abroad as the new Director of Education, Outreach and Community at the Barn Theatre, this season sees the introduction of new faces to our team who work with Jean on a weekly basis and new positions which continue to strengthen the Studio’s ethos. 

Our New Team! From left to right: Rachel Fabri Camilleri, James Azzopardi Meli, Jean-Marc Cafa, Simone Spiteri, Robyn Vella

A well-known and prominent figure both locally and internationally, Simone Spiteri has joined the team as our new Director of Learning, whilst acclaimed musical theatre performer Rachel Fabri Camilleri has stepped in as our Senior Mentor for Musical Theatre. 

This year also sees the introduction of Sustainability and Member Representatives who will further strengthen Studio 18’s commitment towards social responsibility, active citizenship and, awareness of the environment. These roles have been taken on by: Katya Azzopardi and Annalise Ebejer (Sustainability Representatives), and Emily Abela and Lara Agius (Member Representatives). 

We are also continuing to nurture our commitment to professional development through the introduction of project shadowing and internships. Indeed, currently Lara Agius is shadowing Du’ Theatre’s upcoming show, Appuntamenti whilst Nicholas Gambin and Aidan Aquilina are jet-setting to the Barn Theatre for a six-month internship. 

X'ILLALU?! performances at this year's Notte Bianca.

We did, however, strut our way into the new season in style through X’ILLALU. This street performance, in collaboration which Teatru Malta, Claudio Corta and Maltese Motion took Notte Bianca visitors by surprise in four head-turning performances.

Our members and team also kicked off this season with our annual Induction; a jam-packed weekend where returning members greeted new ones and integrated through a series of workshops, ice-breakers, mUnsters and, impromptu promenade pieces. 

Introductory meeting for our all members during Induction.

As the winds change and we once again begin to settle into our routines, we can only hope that this new season proves fruitful in your professional, personal and creative development. 

It’s a new season. A perfect opportunity to do something new, something bold, something beautiful! 

Denise Perini

Gabriela Mendez Studio 18 Cultural Ambassadors

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