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Dreamin' of a Green Christmas

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Hello to all during this wonderful season! As we grow more festive, let us remind ourselves that the environment needs as much cheer as we do! Therefore a few tips to champion a greener Christmas:

1. When shopping, make sure to use your own reusable shopping bags.

2. Use brown paper or newspapers to wrap presents.

3. Try to use reusable cutlery and crockery at parties

4. Calculate food amounts so as not to waste

5. Fun (and sad) fact: Christmas sweaters actually cause damage to the environment as they include many plastics and chemicals (which might end up in our environment, including in the sea) and use large amounts of fuel energy when being manufactured, so maybe this year stick to the one you bought last year and don’t buy any for a while!

This is often a case of fast-paced fashion; we’re producing many clothes to keep up with the fashion trends to the point that we barely use most of the clothes before they end up in the rubbish!

On a positive note: a huge thanks goes to all of you who came to the clean-up at Ta’ Qali, it was amazing to do something hands-on and actually actively make a difference! 

Pictured left to right: Laura Pollacco, Kyra Lautier, Andrew Micallef, Annalise Ebejer, Katya Azzopardi, Hannah Spiteri during the Ta' Qali clean up

Happy Holidays!

Katya Azzopardi

Annalise Ebejer

Sustainability Representatives

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