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Walking with Nature

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

As spring approaches, the idea of hikes, beautiful sunsets and the fresh scent of anything but car pollution comes to mind. In fact, from mid-April until mid-November or so, you'll find the Island green and lush. Fields are full of vegetables and pavements are carpeted with fennel, clover, wild iris, myrtle and much more. By late spring, many species of plants will be in flower.

As you sit at home and plan what to do once these difficult times are over, or perhaps struggle to find ways to keep active alone, here are a few ideal trails you might wish to plan to explore this season- be it with a group of friends or as the lone voyager on a mission to mindfulness!

Along the way you may catch yourself being drawn to archaeological remains, beautiful cliffs, tranquil countryside, amazing sea views, unspoiled nature, secluded forts, towers and churches… the list is endless!

That’s our two cents- have fun and enjoy! (And remember not to litter when picnicking!)

1. The Capital City, Valletta

This is one of the easiest trails, as it takes you along coastal promenade.

2. Marfa Ridge Walk

This is a very long (about 11 km long!) hike but may feel very rewarding!

3. Dingli Walk

The Dingli trail starts near the Dingli cliffs and ends at Wied iż-Żurrieq.

4. Siġġiewi

It’s best to go hiking here during cooler seasons!

5. Fawwara Trail

This stretches from Dingli along the coast past a Bronze Age village, stone chapels and prehistoric temples and all the way down to the Blue Grotto.

6. Comino Trek

The island, with an area of 1.5 km² and only eight residents, is largely unspoiled and the hike is around 4 hours long.

7. Golden Bay Walk

On this venture, you get to visit the Majjistral Nature and History Park.

8. Ta’ Ġurdan Walk- Gozo

This begins and ends at Pjazza taz-Zjara tal-Madonna in the village of L-Għarb.

9. Rabat and Baħrija Trail

This 10 km trail begins and ends at Il-Fiddien.

10. The Saltpans Trail - Gozo

This walk takes you to a number of places including Gozo’s oldest basilica, traditional salt pans at Reqqa point, the breathtaking Sara valley and the Wied il-Għasri, a valley flanked by high cliffs.

Take care, and happy hiking!

Annalise Ebejer

Katya Azzopardi

Sustainability Representatives

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