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Parish Notices - March 2020

Dear all,

It feels like we were wishing each other a Happy New Year two seconds ago … and here we are, on the brink of Spring already! Winters are not particularly harsh for us here in Malta, but still, it is usually a time when people are more focused on work, spend more time indoors and the first sign of sunny weather and longer days of light are enough to get us all excited about more buoyant and active times. Nevertheless, times feel slightly surreal and current affairs may bring about a feel of unease – but fear not, we are here to help!

All the above can be said for everyone at Studio 18. We have all been hard at work throughout the first few months of the year, busily preparing for a host of exciting projects that we hope will see the light of day over the next few weeks- and preparing for how to move forward and help you keep active and engaged. Muso Merlot is very much on our radar while our newly baptised Fodsqa is keeping everyone in Lab and Actor Project occupied with preparations that will culminate in an exciting and creative event in May- we remain positive! There is also a special initiative quietly brewing, which will see our Mentorship Programme members get some well-deserved attention – but that is something that we will speak about a bit later!

All in all, Spring is a time for rejuvenation, rebirth … all the cliché words that are, after all … true. We all feel refreshed, more energetic, and bouncier in Spring for some reason. Life seems to vibrate more intensely and in brighter colours, and it is only fitting that our members get to share their very own bright and colourful ideas and projects at this time of the year! Even now, when we might feel uncertain of when things will materialise, it is an opportunity to reflect and find colour, energy and happiness in the most unexpected of places. To help you along the way, here are some links to articles, features and reminders that we have put together with the help of the support team.

Enjoy and spread the love!

Simone and JM

Director of Learning and Creative Director

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