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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

A new year - what does this mean to us, what does it pledge? Does it read to us in the same way it reads to industries, the tax year, political structures, exam periods? Or does it bring 366 (yes, it is a leap year!) opportunities to grow, to be better, to do better? Yes- each opportunity is also an opportunity to reflect and an opportunity to rectify, but it is also an opportunity to connect. 

Findings prove that the best learning takes place in groups, and likewise the most powerful ensemble work in theatre depends on dynamic. Perhaps 2020 may be the year strive to connect with each other in a healthy manner, and 'capitalise' on our dynamic to feed our craft and our audiences what they deserve.

Many people have helped us to pave this frame of mind here at Studio 18, from the Support Team to our member reps, and ultimately our Cultural Ambassadors. As Denise Perini and Gab Mendez pass the baton over to Aidan Aquilina, I would like to thank them for the numerous ways they have worked towards establishing our community within a community: from bringing ideas and suggestions to the table to launching our newsletter, from helping with events to exploring the role of arts in main stream education and supporting Teatru Malta's Trikki Trakki. These are but a few initiatives that Denise and Gab have worked on, and the Studio is grateful and indebted to them for all their energy and dedication. I am excited to see Aidan Aquilina rise to the occasion, and confident he will continue to fly the Studio flag way high; 2020  looks promising!

On that note, I shall leave you with some fodder I have dug up after reflecting upon the wonderful work of these Ambassadors. These talks are some food for thought I've chosen to share with you as artists, creatives, learners and most importantly, people. They're about growth, about awareness, about vulnerability, about innovation. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have done. The final talk is divided into two parts; you'll find the latter makes a very interesting read!

Wishing you twelve months of growth and nourishment.


Creative Director

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