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Let the Games begin!

Dear all,

As one season draws to a close, another fast approaches- a new season with a multitude of opportunities for growth and learning, challenges, and memories to be made.

This season promises to keep us on our feet and to nurture our commitment to learning and professional development. From our partnership with the Barn to a re-shuffle of the team, from a revamp of Muso Merlot to an exciting season for the Barbetti, from a shake-up of Scratch Night to the development of the Young Creatives Programme- we embark on what appears to be a wonderfully wacky ride!

As the autumn breezes begin to set in, time for reflection and growth is upon us. The first rains beckon to us: shed burdens, embrace positive energy and take time to process all that we have shared and all that you have discovered.

The past twelve months have proven to be a great learning experience with immense moments of clarity; I cannot help but be grateful for sharing this adventure with you all, and wish you the very best of luck as you set off on the next part of your journeys.

Let the games begin :)



Creative Director

Studio 18

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