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Live in Living Colour

Are you struggling with anxiety, feelings of sadness, loneliness? Are you overwhelmed by work? Is your brain always switched on? Do you never take a break? Are you staying indoors too much?… HAVE YOU EVER PAID ATTENTION TO THE COLOURS YOU ARE EXPOSING YOURSELF TO?

Did you know that colours have an impact on our daily lives and the behaviours we exhibit? Think about it… have you ever received a bouquet of flowers or looked outside to see bright colours blossoming and experienced a change in your mood?

If the answer to the question above is ‘yes’, that is unsurprising as various research studies have confirmed that we are influenced by different colours. In recent years, a large effort has been made to research areas such as photobiology and colour therapy. Colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy, focuses on the effects that various shades and patterns have on one’s well-being. So much so, that colour therapy can be used to help people with a variety of mental health conditions. For instance, colour therapy techniques may help to control anxiety symptoms and to boost confidence.

Now that it’s spring, it’s the perfect time to be aware of the colours that surround us. Spring is the time when nature awakens. Everything is fresh, everything is vibrant, and everything looks shiny and new. We can see this primarily through the colours which can be found in nature.

Below are some of the most prominent and uplifting Spring colours that we encourage you to be aware of:

Green: Green is the main colour associated with Spring and the main colour we associate to Earth. At this time of year, Earth is coming alive again as new fields of green pop up everywhere. Green is significant as it symbolises existence and helps us to maintain a positive outlook and mindset. The harmonious effect of different shades of green is that stressful emotions are kept at bay as green helps to soothe the mind and promote equilibrium and harmony within us.

Rose: Rosy shades are the softer and gentler hues of Spring. During Springtime, it can be found sprinkled around cities and valleys. (Side note: Did you know that pinks are used in hostile environments to deter violence?) Pink cultivates feelings of empathy and compassion. Symbolic of affection and desire, it comes as no surprise that these hues have long been synonymous with love. Colours on the rose spectrum promote trust and understanding among individuals.

Yellow: Yellow is a fun colour. Of course, the one thing with which it is most connected is the sun. Given that the sun is our greatest source of light, it is hardly surprising that yellow makes us feel alert and awake. Yellow encourages us to be innovative, invites us to take an active approach and to think outside the box.

White: Many people associate white to winter because of snow. Yet it can be a colour associated with Springtime too. Who can overlook the almond trees blossoming in spring that have stunning, soft white and pink blossoms that etherealise any passage? White symbolises purity and innocence and evokes the image of cleanliness. It makes you feel safe and just like a blank page, inspires new beginnings.

Blue: Blue is a soothing hue that can mainly be seen through the sky and the sea. Blue helps arouse mental clarity, creative expression and ambition. Blue increases productivity and decreases tiredness. It promotes relaxation and composure which ensures us that all of life’s challenges can be handled.

Which spring colour is your favourite? What are you doing to expose yourself to colours that will promote your well-being? Help ease your discomfort by interacting with colour. Colours are entirely personal, so, find a way to incorporate them into your life that suits you best. Decorate your space to embrace the colours of springtime. Buy some flowers to brighten up a room. Add some of these colours to your closet. Find the calm in colour. Simple colour adjustments may lead to major improvements in well-being. So, pursue those little things that bring colour into your life and let your true colours shine.

Best Wishes,

Studio 18 Support Team

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